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Friday 6 January 2023

Job vacancy of Service, Quality and Compliance Assurance Manager - Buguruni Branch At KCB Bank


Job vacancy of Service, Quality and Compliance Assurance Manager - Buguruni Branch


The manager, service quality and compliance will provide leadership in the branch to achieve world class service, coordinate risk & compliance management activities through adherence to policies and procedures.

He/She will be resposible for effective and efficient management and coordination of the Bank’s Resources, Operations Processes in order to deliver excellent Customer Service while mitigating operational risks.


  • Effective and efficient management of Bank resources
  • Coordination of operations processes
  • Mitigating against operational risks


Service Quality

  • To offer customer satisfaction through operational effectiveness, efficiencies and customer complaints resolution.
  • To ensure adequate resourcing of front office positions for cash and non cash tellers including the ATMs.
  • Ensure proper cash management within the branch and maintain sufficient cash reserves for daily transactions.
  • Proactively coordinate the education, coaching, training and support in the branch team to ensure all staff are technically developed and trained in all aspects of Branch operations, and compliance in order to deliver efficient service delivery.
  • Ensure Business continuity and optimal resource allocation/utilization.
  • Consulting within the branch to provide feedback and opinions with regard to new projects/processes/initiatives based on various requirements by specific areas.


  • Coordinate and provide support to branch to ensure risks are proactively managed through the embedded process of proactively identifying, assessing, mitigating, and controllling, monitoring, measuring and reporting all events that have risk exposure potential.
  • Preparing reports to the chain of command and Group Risk function all risks identified to facilitate prudent risk mitigation strategies.
  • Ensure branch registres &KRI’s are kept up to date, and event/loss incidents are maintained
  • Maintain focus on ethical conduct in the branch at all times in order to safeguard and enhance the bank’s reputation for probity, tranparency and accountability.
  • Coordinate compliance with anti-money laundering policies and procedures as guided by the Operations Manual and the AML/KYC manuals.
  • Together with the Retail Region Teams & Branch Management ensure effective resolution of Audit issues.
  • Periodically conduct self assessment to ensure continous adherence to policies and procedures
  • Ensure adherencxe to policies, processes, procedures as per documented operating standards (e.g. SOP’S) In order to enhance internal controls in order to reduce frauds and forgeries


  • Bachelor Degree from any recognized institution
  • Professional Qualifications (CPB, CPA, ACCA) is Essential
  • Master’s Degree in Business studies is an added advantage
  • Minimum five years of experience in Banking
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