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FORM TWO TOPIC NINE - Sustainable energy sources

9.0 Sustainable energy sources

Sustainable sources of energy –are the natural resources that re used in the production of electricity without destroying the environment.

Ø  The following are natural sources of energy
        i.            Water energy (hydroelectric energy)
      ii.            Solar energy
    iii.            Wind energy
     iv.            Sea wave energy
       v.            Geothermal energy
     vi.            Tidal energy

9.1 Water energy
Water energy –is the energy obtained from running water by use of turbines and generators.

Importance of water energy
        i.            The energy is virtually available. Water freely from various sources like rivers
      ii.            It is environmental friendly since no waste or pollution
    iii.            It is more reliable than other sources like wind, solar and wave power
     iv.            It increase power very quickly
       v.            Electricity can be generated constantly since there is a constant flow of water

Applications of water energy.
        i.            In industry
      ii.            Lighting purposes for example in homes, schools, hospitals and offices
    iii.            Heating and cooking
     iv.            In health facilities

  9.2 Solar energy
Solar energy –is the energy from the sun.

Applications of solar energy
        i.            Provision of electricity that is used by electric appliances such as television and radios
      ii.            For lighting purposes
    iii.            Drying clothes and farm produce is done well with the availability of the sun
     iv.            Heating water

   9.3 Wind energy
 Wind energy –is the energy obtained from the wind

Applications of wind energy
        i.            Used to turn generators that facilitate the production of power
      ii.            Used to move ships, boats, pump water and grind corn

Disadvantage of wind energy
        i.            Wind energy is not reliable
      ii.            Wind are variable
    iii.            The wind turbines are noisy and can spoil the landscape
     iv.            Large wind sites are required

     9.4 Sea wave energy
Sea wave energy –is the energy obtained from the series of swells of seawater

Applications of sea wave egergy
        i.            Used to drive generators

     9.5 Geothermal energy
Geothermal energy –is the energy generated by the flow of heat from the earth’s surface

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